Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The cults and what they really are

Was watching one of these cop shows and it was apparently about a cult.

Well, at some point what was said was, in effect, that those who succumb to a cult are in fact not aligned with reality. Which is an insult.

Most religions are cults.

And the worst cults are the cults of pairs: Marriage.

So what does that say?

And these fucks that say such things have no knowledge nor experience of the Divine, nor of any Spiritual Paths. Yet they utter such inane statements. Now these are the assholes with closed minds! For they know nothing of the surrender to something greater than human kind! They think and feel that human kind are supreme! Which is utter nonsense. Humans are ruled by the ego! Nothing Divine about it! And they are lead to believe it is superior to the Higher Realm Beings. And that's just insane.

Now, having said that? There are many true cults out there that don't belong. And one should avoid them. And it is hard to distinguish. I know. I just wanted to make you aware of both sides.


  1. Was it a reporter who said that John? and is he not part of a cult, a gathering of like minded people doing something they believe in.... ie his job, reporting. His cult is probably the worst of any cult, they gather information, twist and turn it to destroy peoples lives.
    Thats all im going to say on this lol =P

  2. John...they told me you died today. Is it true? Did you wake up somewhere else? I'd love to hear from spoke so much truth here and I'm still listening....

  3. Carol,
    Am putting a comment here not knowing if it will go through or not.
    Yes, John has moved on.
    I wrote about it in my blog on Sept 27 and have mentioned him a hundred times since then.
    You're welcome to visit of course.
    I've also dedicated my blog to him.
    He got me started blogging and will never be out of my mind.

  4. Hi Blondie. Yes, of course it went through. These blogs never go away even after we do. I had trouble going to 9planets for a long time as it would use up power on my pc with all the stuff js had on there. I suppose 9pr went away eventually after the hosting bill wasn't paid..I haven't been there to see as I'm sure it's either gone or remaining the same. I can't begin to tell you all that js did for me. Even though I didn't always agree with him, I loved him as a friend and trusted his advice on internet dealings. I'm glad he started this blog and I don't see why it can't keep going through comments from his friends like us and who knows ..he just might be getting it too, though I suspect he is gratefully not. Hope you're having a wonderful day.

  5. Hey Carol,
    Yes he may hear us. He may not.
    I suppose we'll never know :(

    His 9planet blog went down a few weeks ago.
    Was very sad to see it gone.
    But we all knew it was just a matter of time.

    Probably not much point in posting here though.
    I don't remember to check it as often as I should and I would guess others don't either.

    John was one of a kind.
    There will never be another like him and I miss him dearly every single fucking day, har!

    Later :)

  6. Me too Blondie, still missing the crazy guy =(