Sunday, April 11, 2010

Everyone is so fucked up

I keep watching these TV shows, and movies, and pretty well everyone is fucked up.

Life does not work out and they just can't figure out why.

So then they blame some God or each other, and sometimes even themselves.

Well am one of them. But I don't blame God. I just have learned enough to know that this insane and crazy realm is one in which life does NOT work out. And am at peace with that.

Sure some times I lash out. But that's because in the moment I have forgotten what I have learned.

Say to yourself: "I am not a victim. I'm not. And so I forgive."



  1. As I said to you just now John, not sure what I want to add if anything right now. since I do blame others sometimes but only for taking advantage of me and my kind nature.
    Some folks will "befriend" you just to take advantage of you. And if you don't know that .. beware.
    I (unfortunately) learned the hard way.
    Glad you're a "real" friend John :)

  2. Yes, Judy, and that is quite true. Many a time folks are sent into your life just to screw you up! On purpose! Not by them, but some other Forces. See?

    And many times folks you have hurt in past lives, hover around you now, they come back, and try to get vengeance. That is also true.

    Either way.... best forget, forgive, and move on. Learn your lessons, we all have to learn our lessons. Never mind the reason why. Good luck to you in yur lessons.

    All of you!


  3. Oh I've learned my lesson John.
    I have forgiven, forgotten and moved on.
    Wish it hadn't cost me so dearly though.
    It's OK. I'm good now :)

  4. But I DO want to bitch more here later,
    so don't stop me! LOL

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  6. Usually they are enemies of yours. Sometimes they just pick random addresses to send from.

    Oh well.


  7. Blondie, write to your ISP. Tell them you need them to put in an SPF record for your account in order to prevent folks sending out spam with a return address that is your own. That will do it.