Thursday, April 8, 2010

I woke up this morning....

Unfortunately I still woke up today.

I don't know why am here. Yes, I've searched, researched, experimented with various paths, to no avail.

But I did learn that this is really a dream realm. It's not just like a dream. It is a dream!

Am running out of everything. Soon I will be happy to meet those nice folks on the street. And forget all this internet crap with all of it's scams and games. And scammers, cheats, liars, backstabbers, ego-maniacs, experts, Marketing Gurus, and just plain narcissists.

Are you not tired of all this shit? Taxes, greedy politicians, greedy narcissistic Corporations that wish to rule the world? It's all insane!

And where is everybody headed exactly? Nowhere! And don't be fooled by all the prognostications dished out to us by those who profess that one is evolving, mentally, even spiritually. Horse shit! The Higher Realms are full of such egos as well! And the wars there are even more exotic than any that you can imagine here, in this Galaxy.



  1. I friggin hear ya man, wouldnt it be nice to jut go to sleep and not wake up for a week just for some peace from this internet crap and the nasty people that work in it. Too many people pretend to be your friend online to get you to do things then when they dont need you anymore treat you like a pice of crap they stepped in. I have learnt alot of lessons lately from a certain guy i wont name here but he has shown me the person i dont want to be,basically i dont want to be anything like him.... when i am holding my own webinars i will thank him publicly for it.

  2. I hear you my friend. Just to mention, this blog is to allow that side of you that is pissed off, disappointed, and knowing that this world does not work out to come out and play for a while.

  3. Good first post John.
    Loved the first comment here too.
    You know I've had problems and never express myself to show my true feelings. Might just take you up on your offer here soon.
    Thanks for the invite,

  4. Hey Blondie, welcome to the let loose, let em have it room lol

  5. Hey Thanks :)
    Sometimes we just need to vent and this looks like a good place to do it, ha!