Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Folks are just plane scared to lose their money.

Folks are just plane scared to lose their money.

They are not only greedy, but scared. This place we live in is insane. We should be gainfully employed and being useful. Instead we compete for the shit we are fed with during commercials, movies, TV shows, radio talk shows, newspapers, magazines, the media!

We are brainwashed! We should work more and harder, and steal even! Just to get ahead. Just to feel better. Because the way we live is not good enough! For whom?

Those brain suckers are stealing our will to live!

Taxes! Taxes, and more taxes! Work work work! Produce produce produce! Consume! And consume some more! And even kill! As that will restore the economy! Munitions! Bombs! Useless trips to the Moon, if it ever happened. And to Mars! For what? For the starving and poor on this planet???? What a joke.

Yeah, I seem to be upset. And insane, right?

the alter ego of js

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